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Welcome to my gallery!!! My art is not very good, I know, but if you're a rare person who actually likes my art, I REALLY appreciate your feedback.

:iconfeedbackloveplz::iconcommentplz:I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo:iconcommenters1plz::iconcommenters2plz:



Sonic and Amy: Valentines day by Winter-Wanderer

This is absolutely stunning, the effects and detail in this are very vivid. The grass looks real and the blurred background shows great...

Sonaze - January by Sonicguru

Okay with this temporary premium membership, I'm writing a critique! :D I like the style and the colors. The only real flaw I'm seeing h...



  • Mood: Attraction
  • Listening to: Phil Collins: Can't Stop Loving You
  • Watching: Sonic Underground
  • Eating: does tasting Dayle's kiss count?
Hey guys! Been awhile eh? Well I've been over in England here for nearly two months and have loved it. Been to Alton Towers and got to ride a rollercoaster called Sonic Spinball, and also got to get my picture near the Sonic statue. I've also been to Stratford upon Avon and am going to Wales the day after tomorrow. I enjoy the food here especially fish and chips mmmmmm. The weather is perfect, beats the 100°F humid sauna summer at home in America. And surprisingly, it hasn't rained here a whole lot. 
Of course, spending time with Lightning is a biggie. We've had a lot of hard times, some REALLY bad, and some frequent. But I can't help but think that the hard times are a test of the strength of our relationship and is also us learning and growing as a couple. Mainly the hard times were about financial strain but that's a common trigger for hardships but we are doing ok. 
Culture shock wasn't a biggie, apart from traffic direction and all that but that was expected. The only downside I've found is that there are no free refills on drinks |: 
I developed an ear infection a few weeks back, and I got prescribed antibiotics and ear spray. It's funny, Lightning needed antibiotics for tonsillitis during his 2013 summer trip. 

In five days time, Lightning and I will have been together 2 years. :heart: It's amazing, after all the shit I was put through with Tj. And also I was just reading past DeviantART journals about Garon--my relationship with Garon had been hardly a relationship at all, I was just a very strong friend pretty much. And Caleb, who I crushed on but then he started trolling me to no end on here. 
Two years with Lightning, and I feel so cherished. So loved. He's stayed with me despite how ugly I can be, I still have esteem and confidence troubles sometimes, but in retrospect it has improved from 2010 and 2011. I mean...Jesus. The "I'm sad and wanna delete my account" journals which then followed "I'm better and I'm staying" journals. I wanna heavily apologize to the friends who endured that but are still on my friends list. The trolls got to me back then. Nowadays to me, they're insignificant. These days, I've got bigger issues like finances, job, and college to worry about. 
But I digress. 


Lightning is my best friend, my soulmate. Fuck it, I am calling him by his real name Dayle. (It's on his prof so he's okay with it). We met on DeviantART in 2010 and gotten to know each other even better after his ex Amy treated him like crap and left him. After Tj cheated on me and dumped me, we could relate. After talking, we discovered much common ground. Same favorite bands, tv shows, and more. We both even love Sonaze. I mean check out his Sonaze stories if you haven't already!! We are even in sync here, great minds definitely think alike; not a day goes by when both of our minds don't think the same, or we don't act in sync. I won't go into a lot of detail because it's so frequent it's hard to remember each time. It's like he's my other half.
Here is our love story:
After talking to Dayle on DeviantART for a couple years, the summer of 2012 fell upon me. I was at Dad's house in New Mexico. I was somewhat forced to get a summer job at a fast food joint called Sonic Drive In (ironic, isn't it?). Dayle was already in love with me, but could only give out subtle hints. Then around July 16, I was informed by a good friend :iconreversetheeclipse: that Dayle had feelings for me. I had considered feelings for Dayle prior, but I was in a mindset where I wanted to wait to date until college, thanks to how my ex TJ treated me. I had to think for a couple days about this, and about how Dayle and I would be as a couple. So I decided to give it a whirl, because we had a base of friendship, and a strong friendship is key to a romantic relationship lasting.
And I went with my gut instinct and told him I felt the same on July 18th, and that is where our hearts joined as a pair. My love only built from there. Because I had considered the possibility of being in love with Dayle beforehand, but had criticized my heart for being, possibly...on the rebound, or just trying to trick me, plus with only knowing Dayle online wasn't any help. But pairing with him ended up being the best decision of my life. And if it weren't for Dayle nowadays, I probably wouldn't be as strong. I probably wouldn't have even made it. I didn't have any close friends in real life. Summer of 2012 had been the best summer for me. I had found a love which had essentially been under my nose this whole time for a year or so now.
And Dayle and I are not what teens call "going out" because that's sophomoric. No, we are in love.
(I feel kind of annoyingly spoiled, because pre-Tj I had been annoyingly spiteful for being single, and I was desperate. Being desperate landed me with that douchebag Tj who was dating two or three other girls while he was dating me. I learned from that. While Tj was an asshole, I learned from what he did. I learned desperation is bad in a relationship, and when it comes to Dayle, it wasn't desperation. It was hesitation. I wanted to wait for a relationship til college after TJ, but when I fell for Dayle, it wasn't out of desperation. It just, happened. I was actually hesitant this time around, so it took time. But I loved it all.)
Dayle and I had two years of friendship and now two years of love. (Though right now we have almost four years of friendship) And I do not want to leave him for anything, because he has been there for me even when I act so stupid, even when I do stupid stuff. Right now, when we are apart, we use a little messaging app for iOS or Android called Couple. But before then, we had what I deem the Good Old DeviantART Days where we communicated only through DeviantART. Here's our stats, according to the folders I set up in my messaging center: 
1,893 non roleplay notes
3,765 roleplay notes, but containing regular messages after the roleplay messages.
24 notes dedicating to us learning about each other
So in total, 5,682 notes were exchanged between us in a four year period. It could've been more, if it weren't for time differences and manually checking deviantART, which neither of us did every single minute. 
We have a history on DeviantART. So at this point in time, I never want to delete my account. If DeviantART went out of business, I would be crushed. Because all the history with Dayle would be destroyed.  
In the time we've known each other, Dayle has been to America twice just to see me, in one single year. And now I am in England. The other night I dreamed I went back home early and was completely torn up, and begged God to bring me back to England to see him because it hadn't been time to go home. When I woke up, I silently thanked God I was still here. That I was still home. I'm not talking about England, I am talking about Dayle. Dayle is where my home is, whether in America or England, or in Luxembourg, or on the moon. I am not home unless I am with him. Right now, thinking about being back in America is making me feel physically sick because I know he won't be there beside me. The distance SUCKS, especially after how many times we've been physically together. But we met from a distance, so we are technically used to it. I cannot wait for the day where I am permanently home. 
Two years of love, two years of heavenly paradise. July 18th 2012, the day our hearts joined as one.
I love you now and forever :iconlightninghedgehog01: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
:iconsonicloveplz::icondragonloveplz::iconikissuplz::iconmonkeyloveplz::iconsweetkissplz::iconsweethugplz::iconrubcheeksplz: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :heart: 

But again I digress, enough mushiness. But give me a break...after all, our anniversary is nigh. 

England is fun! I'm going to the seaside in Wales and I'm stoked, haven't been to the ocean since I was 6!!! I've got more Sonic stuff to add to my collection too! Including a picture of Dayle and I on Sonic Spinball. Customs gave me hell though, I won't lie. But my visa is stamped and I'm okay to be here. 
If you have questions feel free

I've just been reading past journals and I wanna add some info about myself, for my new watchers and friends.
Hi! I'm Alice, I'm almost 19 years old. I have medium brown curly hair and hazel-green eyes. I'm American, (not NECESSARILY proud to be, but I won't get into politics) I have Aspergers Syndrome (a mild form of autism, I tend to be aloof, but I'm very intelligent). I'm starting college this fall, definitely a newbie for me. It seems scary but also exciting. NO MORE IMMATURE TEENAGERS!!! NO MORE GIRL DRAMA OR GOSSIP!! It'll be a HUGE relief. And seeing pregnant girls there won't be so bad (I have a prob with teen pregnancies). 
I like Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad (so does Dayle now!;)), Code Lyoko, Psych, blah blah blah it's on my profile page. 
I like Crush 40, Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell, Ted Poley, Tony Harnell, etc etc again on my profile page. 
Personality wise I'm smart, friendly, loyal, caring, compassionate, selfless, humorous (I love puns, and so does Lightning), gentle, hard working, persevering. 
But I'm also hard on myself...really bad. In hard times I lack confidence, but I have faith in my future academics. I am slightly overweight...while I wish I was thinner, I am okay in my body. My body is healthy and that's all that matters to me. I have horrendous vision...20/500. I can't see two inches in front of my face so I wear contact lenses. Uh....let's see...I'm emotional, mainly it's bad because of....well, hormones. Stupid female anatomy. 

Oh I'm more tolerant than I used to be. OH HOLY HELL. SonAmy and SonSal are cool with me. Though I could never really get into liking Sonadow...I tolerate it, but it's just not my cup of tea. If you go back and read 2010 and 2011 journals I was an intolerant little twat. I never trolled anybody, but I was scared of being trolled. I still am, but I handle it better nowadays. People leave me alone now that I've allowed opposing couples into my deviantART life
Speaking of DeviantART, four years. Holy hell. Let's face it, dA is addicting. I like drawing and writing still, am working on a Lightlice pic right now but I'm afraid to work on it cause I would rather spend time with Dayle. I wanna thank all of the friends who've stayed with me the past 4 years and who have been there for me, and I also thank new friends, such as :iconct-06-1490: (did I get the numbers right? I think I did) I have enjoyed being a member of DeviantART and interacting with it. I enjoyed meeting new people on it, because I sure as hell have a hard time meeting people in real life. Not to mention if it weren't for DeviantART I wouldn't have met the love of my life :iconmonkeyloveplz:

Thank you dA, thank you friends, old and new. Thank you Dayle for putting up with and loving me for almost 2 years. :iconloveloveplz:
 Thank you :iconreversetheeclipse: for helping Dayle and I to join hearts. I can't thank you enough :hug:


I am a lot like a mixture of Shadow and Blaze, I have had a rough past and I am hard on myself.
I am...admittedly, a bit of a chocoholic ^^; I have a huge sweet tooth, love anything sweet. I am like Chip in that aspect.
I am a Scorpio in the Zodiac sign. I am Christian, I am pro-choice, I am a feminist, I don't believe in sex before marriage, I am a huge xenophile (love for foreign I have many songs on my iPod that are in different languages like Japanese, Spanish, French, and even one in Afrikaan). I do not have a drivers license much to my complete and utter annoyance, I have a learners but not a fullblown license. I am a gamer girl and I am shy. I really enjoy roleplaying as well. I am not obsessed with my appearance, I rarely wear makeup or do much to my hair. I love stargazing and swimming. I LOOOOOOVE to sing, am good at it too ;) I HATE sports, the only sports I'd watch are Quidditch or the Hunger Games. I am not allergic to anything at all.

I don't wanna bore you with my info too much ^^; this is more for my new watchers. 
Again if you have question guys, just ask ^^

Also on a sidenote...the common British satellite receiver, Sky, plays music in the channel guide and it gets STUCK IN YOUR HEAD!! 

That's all I can thank of for now...


Sonaze-fangurl's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

The name's Alice (well not really it's just a penname)
-I am a HUGE fan of Sonic the Hedgehog
-I draw
-I sing
-I write
-I'm shy and quiet
-I love Harry Potter and the Hunger Games
-I'm really hard on myself and don't have much self-confidence
-I do what I love, but I appreciate feedback, otherwise I feel I didn't do good enough (in other words, I guess I'm sort of a people pleaser)
-I'm not fully satisfied with how my life is right now. One constant issue that is a setback is my driving situation. I'm 18 and I'm on my second drivers permit; the first expired. I am EXTREMELY jealous of the cars in traffic, because they all have licenses. And a car. :iconcryforeverplz: :iconcryforeverplz: :iconcryforeverplz: :iconcryforeverplz: and nobody is really willing to help me
-I am a REALLY friendly person and put my needs and wants aside to help others
-I have loved Sonaze since April 29, 2010
-I'm mature for my age
-I've got Aspergers Syndrome


I love Johnny Gioeli (Crush 40, Axel Rudi Pell, and Hardline), Tony Harnell, Ted Poley, 3OH!3, Avenged Sevenfold, Runblebee, Steve Conte, Subdigitals (they make Code Lyoko OSTS), Phil Collins, Bon Jovi...just to name a few.

I'm part Irish, I can speak French and Spanish pretty fluently

I tend to be random at times....

Link to some of my stories not on deviantART:…

My dA family:

:iconsonito1992: My random big brother XD
:icongatlinggundemon9: my insane cousin XD
:iconspeedingfox: my dA cousin
:iconreversetheeclipse: My big sister
:icondaltons7: random brother guy
:iconlightninghedgehog01: my boyfriend :heart: (7/18/12)
:iconct-06-1490: my DA big brother :aww:

Wanna become part of my dA family? If so, let me know. Though I prefer it if I knew you

People I Know in Real Life:

People I've Met in Real Life:

:iconlightninghedgehog01: (for the first time on June 23, 2013...Sonic's 22nd birthday...)

I am tolerant of all Sonic couples

Yes!! I like opposing couples! That includes SonSal, Silvaze, SonAmy, etc

Got a Request?

:bulletblack: I will not draw inflation, gender bending, porn, mpreg, or fetish art
:bulletblack: must be Sonic related, no MLP sorry ^^;
:bulletblack: I will draw MOST male homosexual pairings. But I will draw any female homosexual pairings
:bulletblack: I will do LITERATURE crossovers, as long as I am familiar with the franchises (I.E Sonic and Mario, Sonic and Harry Potter, etc)
:bulletblack: I will NOT draw anti-pairing art or write anti-pairing fanfictions

As of now:

Traditional Art Requests: Always open!! I prefer drawing Silver this way, since I haven't had much practice drawing him on a computer
Digital Art Requests: Sometimes open, depending on my status. I have a life outside dA. Sadly XD
Literature Requests: Stories with chapters are closed until I get my works done. However I can do oneshots

I dunno how to draw:
:bulletblack: All robot characters (Metal Sonic, E-123 Omega, Gamma) EXCEPT Cubot and Orbot. I am able to draw Cubot and Orbot (I'm slowly learning...:B)
:bulletblack: Cosmo
:bulletblack: Chaos
But if you give me a reference I can make an attempt, but don't expect something amazing out of my first try.

Let me know if you have questions

I am considering on starting commissions to help pitch in for a prepaid 1-year premium account...problem is I don't think I'll get enough contributors. ^^; not to mention I don't think my stuff is worthy or good enough to put up for commissions. *SHOT*

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